“ A journey begins with a single step ” Lao Tzu



  “ Our first step was in the people's heart whom one day had an intuition. This intuition became an idea and subsequently a project.
Today Industrialesud is a reality, a family of one thousand people driven by essential values ” 




Collaboration and Enthusiasm:

collaboration allows growth in the ability of dealing and resolving all problems with determination and enthusiasm.

Continuous Innovation:

through research and the comparison of ideas, shared innovative solutions emerge, assisting in achieving corporate objectives.

Passion and Courage:

the courage to take on challenges, set aside old convictions, create something new and improved and to be the first to succeed in doing so is stimulated by the driving passion of wanting to improve each day.

Talent and Adeptness:

to recognize talents and nurture them by means of training and enhance each individual’s capabilities.

Respect and Trust:

Respect for employees, suppliers, customers, society and its rules, environment, commitments, the trust in the persons who work with us.


This is Industrialesud!

  These are the values which have allowed us to become what we are today, and will continue to nourish our growth.





The same values that enliven and guide each day's work, are reflected in all the choices and decisions taken on by the Industrialesud group.  

The passion for teamwork, sharing the values of sport, are demonstrated by the commitment of the group Industrialesud in support of various sports activities. Industrialesud is sporting partner of the "Roseto Sharks"; basketball team that plays in the Italian Lega A Silver.   www.rosetosharks.com 

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